Maddie Blaustein 1960 - 2008

I can't find the words. This hit me like a ton of bricks.

The last two or so days I'd been hoping, praying that it was just some sick joke someone was pulling, like the "Veronica is Ash again in Crossing Paths!" rumour a few months ago.... but it's true, she's gone...

I didn't know Maddie on even a slightly personal level like I do Veronica Taylor and Rachael Lillis, yet, through our limited correspondence I did feel close to her.

Lots of people had axes to grind against her... maybe some of them were justified.... I'm not here to judge that. I'm here to say that we've lost a good person. One who faced life's trials and overcame them. One who, despite all odds, was true to who she was.

Hopefully I'll be able to cook up something for her memory in my own small way...

RIP Maddie "Meowth" Blaustein
1960 - 2008